The Temporary LED Floodlighting Luminaire consists of an LED luminaire used for lighting temporary traffic control zones.  These luminaires shall meet the requirements of specification article 4188.06 and the following ISO Chart.




Approval of Temporary LED Floodlighting Luminaire will be based on satisfactory review of an evaluation of a preliminary sample furnished to the Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Materials, Ames, Iowa, a review of the qualified independent laboratory report, and the manufacturer certification statement of specification compliance. A list of approved manufacturers based on preliminary sample evaluation, review of the laboratory report, and certification documentation will be developed and maintained by the Office of Materials.  Approved brand names Products are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



The manufacturer shall provide the Project Inspector the following statement of certification:



Certification Statement


This is to certify that (manufacturer name, product number) this Temporary LED Floodlighting Luminaire meets the requirements of the applicable specifications of the Iowa Department of Transportation.






Authorized Signature and Date





A responsible manufacturer representative shall sign the certification statement.