Epoxy resins shall meet the requirements of the applicable Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications.



Acceptance of epoxy resins for use of Department of Transportation projects will be on the basis of manufacturer and brand name approval. Approved manufacturers and brands of epoxy resins are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE) as Appendixes A and B for two types of applications. The Appendix A lists the approved epoxy injection resins for delaminated bridge deck repair and for crack repair, and the Appendix B lists the approved epoxy resins for sealing the ends of pre-stressed concrete beams.



To obtain approval of an epoxy resin under the Appendices A or B, manufacturer shall submit the following items to the Construction and Materials Bureau in Ames, Iowa:


·         Current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).



The independent laboratory evaluation for approval under the Appendix A shall consist of the following tests:


·         Gel time, ASTM C881 (60-g sample): 12 minutes minimum.

·         Viscosity, ASTM D1084 or D2556: 800 cps, maximum. An injection epoxy resin with a viscosity value lower than 200 cps will be designated as extra low viscosity in the Appendix A.

·         Bond Strength (Slant Shear), ASTM C882: 2-day moist cure, 1000 psi minimum.


The test result from the AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) may be acceptable for approval review. 


The independent laboratory evaluation for approval under the Appendix B, provide an epoxy product shall provide superior protection to exterior surface, and meet the following criteria:


·         Gel time, ASTM C881: 30 minutes minimum.

·         Viscosity, ASTM D1084 or D2556: 2000 to 4000 cps.

·         Chloride penetration, AASHTO T259: The chloride content of the treated concrete slab at approximately 1/2 in. depth shall not exceed 50 percent of the control concrete slab at the same depth.  The epoxy tested shall be applied to the concrete surface according to manufacturer’s recommendation.


Approval of epoxy resins may be withdrawn because of deficient monitor test results, product changes made after original approval, or unsatisfactory field performance.



The manufacturer shall file a certification at the beginning of each calendar year stating that the material supplied during that year shall be identical with the formulation previously tested and approved by the Construction and Materials Bureau.



The Construction and Materials Bureau may sample and test epoxy resins at any time to verify compliance with specification requirements.