Assign a mix design number with the following format: ABDYY-D000

Where “YY” is the two-digit year, “D” is the district number, and “000” is a 3-digit number identifying the JMF number.


When a significant change (as defined in 2303) is made to the original JMF, amend the mix design number with an “RX”. For example ABD14-6017 is the 17th JMF in 2014 for District 6. When a significant mix change is made, the new mix design number would be ABD14-6017R1. Subsequent changes from the original design would require “R2, R3, etc”.


For mix designs transferred from one project to another a new mix design number will be required when the following have occurred.


·        There have been two or more aggregate or RAP source changes.

·        The blend percentage has varied more than 10% from the original design for any individual aggregate or RAM.

·        Recycled shingles have been added or removed from the design.


The new design may be validated by testing a single point or by evaluating current production test results.


A typical Mix Design Report and a Proportion/Production Limits Form is shown below.