I-29 Improvement Project

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Aesthetic Treatments

The information presented is a conceptual level plan for aesthetic enhancement of segment 2 of the I-29 corridor through Sioux City, Iowa. As the project progresses through the design development phases, concepts may change and evolve. These illustrations are a framework for that future development, which may include additional public involvement and local cost sharing arrangements to help target the final design characteristics. As such, all designs shown are conceptual and are subject to further study and cost analysis based on available funding sources.

The level of aesthetic enhancements identified in the plan and implemented in the final project will be dependent on the amount of local contributions provided for these items. The Iowa DOT will not fund all of the enhancements through basic project funds. Local financial support is needed to incorporate many of the design ideas identified.

Wesley Parkway Interchange Displays

Hamilton Boulevard Interchange Displays

Floyd Boulevard Displays

Virginia Street Displays

Pierce Street Displays