I-80/I-380 construction


Travel Impacts

Travel in the area continues to be impacted by construction activities on the Systems Interchange. Impacts to travel times will continue as the project progresses.

Commuter At-a-Glance Traffic Impact Forecast

Commuter Map

Travel Times: As of January 2020 travel times for the I-380/U.S. 218 corridor and I-80 in the project area are displayed on message boards to give motorists a clearer picture of traffic impacts they may encounter. The travel time will be shown during peak morning and evening rush hour travel times.

Inclement Weather Driving: In the Midwest, the weather and the length of winter is always unpredictable. What we can predict is that when weather is inclement, we need to continue to be extra cautious when driving through the construction work zone. With construction ongoing and road conditions possibly messy due to weather, remember to adjust your driving accordingly. Bundle up, allow for extra travel time in case of potential delays, and stay alert.

Speed limit reduction: The speed limit on I-380 and eastbound I-80 has been reduced to 55 MPH. It is anticipated that westbound I-80 around the interchange will also be reduced. The Department has been observing travel speeds and behaviors around the interchange and continues to adjust accordingly. Traffic speeds may be reduced as part of traffic staging and traffic shifts. Pay attention to posted speed limits and stay alert. Expecting and being prepared for changes in lanes and traffic, and paying attention to signs, and other work zone alerts, will help keep you and our workers safe.

During reconstruction of the I-80/I-380 Systems Interchange, ongoing construction activities will continue to impact drivers throughout the system. Drivers should refer to www.511ia.org for more information and anticipate the following changes in travel:

  • Lane Shifts: New traffic patterns along I-80, I-380 and U.S. 218 are in place. Lane shifts have been added throughout the system and will be in place throughout construction. New lane shifts and other traffic pattern changes will occur in 2020. Drivers should be aware that in some areas, the shoulders have been eliminated due to the lane shifts and/or the addition of a temporary construction barrier rail has been added to help protect the public from construction activities and protect workers from traffic.
  • Nighttime Lane Closures: Nighttime, single lane closures and full closures are expected in the project area through 2020.
  • Overnight Road/Ramp Closures: Overnight ramp and road closures are planned through 2020. At times there are multiple closures occurring at the same time on the interchange.

For traveler information, real time construction and roadway condition alerts, the public can access Iowa’s 511 system through web and mobile applications. Please visit www.511ia.org. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.

Commuter Options

380 Express Bus has an updated Schedule

Your feedback was heard, and the schedule for the 380 Express bus has been updated. The updated schedules can be found here:

Commuter Tips

  • Plan ahead. Adjust travel times if possible to avoid traffic.
  • Consider using the 380 Express Bus. Iowa DOT has coordinated an express bus transit service, car/van pooling amenities, and business outreach efforts to help promote and encourage adjusted travel behaviors. Explore 380 Express
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  • Iowa Ride Share: Iowa's Statewide Ride matching System will help you quickly and securely find viable commute options including carpool partners, vanpool routes, transit routes, cycling buddies, and more. Once you're registered, you can log your commute route and find your personalized commute options by using your origin and destination addresses to match with nearby commuters with similar schedules. Login any time to change your route or find other options in your area.
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  • Consider ridesharing with neighbors and/or coworkers, or telecommuting.
  • Sign up for real time travel alerts at www.511ia.org
  • Follow our new I-80/I-380 Systems Interchange Facebook page.