I-80/I-380 Construction

Project Schedule

Construction Activities

This is a high-level overview of different phases of the project. This project schedule is subject to change. Activities listed below are anticipated to begin during the following periods:


  • Temporary median pavement (crossovers) for staging traffic
  • New lanes and reconstruction of existing lanes on I-80 and I-380.
  • I-380 widening and reconstruction from near U.S. 6 to approximately 1.2 miles north of Forevergreen Road.
  • Construction of I-80 bridges over Clear Creek east of I-380 and over future ramp west of I-380; new bridge approaches.
  • Grading and paving of various ramps.
  • Staged grading and staged bridge construction for six southbound bridges on mainline I-380 and U.S. 218; new bridge approaches.
  • Construction of various ramp bridges over I-80; new bridge approaches.
  • Final I-80 and I-380 storm sewer, shoulder and median separation barrier work.
  • Construction of new Jasper Avenue (a.k.a. Park Road) Bridge over I-80, anticipated to be completed in 2024.
  • Final signing, lighting, message boards, pavement painting.
  • Final erosion control and seeding.
  • New east facing ramps at Ireland interchange.
  • New ramp tie-ins and ramp work on the west facing ramps at the Coral Ridge Avenue interchange.

Late summer 2019 through 2020 (State Fiscal Year 2020 funding)

  • Construction on the eastbound to northbound and on the eastbound to southbound bridges continues.
  • Continued utility relocations.
  • Grading occurs project wide.
  • Construction of six (6) I-380 median bridges over: U.S. 6, the railroad, Clear Creek, I-80, over future ramps north of I-80, and the future southbound I-380 to eastbound I-80 ramp.
  • Construction on I-80 bridges - widenings over U.S. 6 and the railroad.
  • Construction on a pier in the I-80 median for the future southbound I-380 to eastbound I-80 bridge ramp.
  • Nighttime shoulder strengthening and widening work to prepare for future traffic shifts and future staging.
  • Ramp bridges over Clear Creek.
  • Box culvert extensions.
  • Demolition of existing Park Road Bridge in mid to late summer 2020
  • New median pavement on I-380 from just south of the interchange to just north of U.S. 6.

Late summer 2018 through 2020 (State Fiscal Year 2019 funding)

  • Construction on the eastbound to northbound and on the eastbound to southbound bridges. These bridges are planned to be completed over two years (by fall 2020).
  • Clearing and grubbing as needed for grading.
  • Continued utility relocations.
  • Grading in the southwest quadrant (including relocated county roads, bridge approach embankments).
  • Grading in the northeast quadrant; bridge approach embankment.
  • Nighttime shoulder strengthening and widening work. Preliminary work needed for traffic staging.
  • Widening of eastbound I-80 bridge over Clear Creek.
  • Refer to the Forevergreen Road interchange for coordinated Forevergreen Road work and schedule.

July 2017 through 2018 (State Fiscal Year 2018 funding)

  • Clearing and grubbing as needed for later utility relocations.
  • Begin utility relocations.
  • Grading project north of Highway 6 on the west side of I-380 (coordinated with Forevergreen Road interchange grading and utility relocations). 
  • Refer to the Forevergreen Road page for coordinated Forevergreen Road work.


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