Iowa's Mississippi River Trail

Iowa Attractions on the MRT

Throughout history, the Mississippi River has served as an important passageway, carrying native peoples, explorers, fur traders, steamboats, barges, and much more. The river has also made its way into the hearts and imaginations of Americans through its great power and beauty. According to Mark Twain, the river "has a new story to tell every day." Iowa's portion of the MRT offers the following attractions:
  • parks and wildlife areas with breathtaking views of the Mississippi River
  • national treasures such as Effigy Mounds National Monument and Keokuk National Cemetery
  • locks, dams, ports, and riverboat cruises
  • museums and historic neighborhoods such as Snake Alley in Burlington
  • art galleries and antique shops
  • arboretums and botanical gardens
  • casinos, sporting events, and entertainment
  • restaurants and lodging