Iowa Trails 2000

Ordering information

This Web site contains references to many full color graphics and maps that cannot be provided online because of their size and the significant amount of time and resources it would take to download them from the Internet. The Iowa Department of Transportation is providing this document on CD ROM in HTML format. It is essentially the same version that is available online, with higher resolution maps and PDF files.

To obtain a copy of the CD ROM, please contact Milly Ortiz via e-mail at:

If you do not have adequate Internet access, many local schools or libraries provide that service. In addition, hard copies are available for viewing at your local County Conservation Board office and at the office of the nearest district transportation planner (see Appendix F). If you would like a paper copy provided to you by the Iowa DOT, e-mail or phone Milly Ortiz, 515-233-7733
.The Iowa Trails document is quite substantial, so you are urged to view it online, or at one of the local offices listed above prior to requesting the full document.