Iowa's EV PLAN

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Iowa still support other types of fuels?

  • Iowa is a proud and nationally recognized leader in renewable energy and biodiesel and ethanol production. Our state has made a significant investment in renewable fuel infrastructure. State leaders, local communities, private companies, and utilities are making solid progress in adding electric vehicle infrastructure to our diverse fuel mix.
  • Iowa will remain unwavering in our support for varied fuel resources and associated infrastructure, including ethanol, biodiesel, renewable natural gas and electric.

How many drivers in Iowa use electric vehicles?

  • As of June 2023, there are more than 12,800 electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles registered within Iowa. There is at least one in each county.

Why are electric vehicles important?

  • Electric vehicles are continuing to grow in popularity in the U.S. -- sales of electric vehicles in the country jumped to a record high of more than 200,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022. Automakers are building more options and customers are fueling the demand for low- and no-emission vehicles.

Why is this plan being developed?

  • The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is joining other statewide partners in preparing a plan for developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state highway and interstate system. In addition to building upon guidance from prior transportation and electric vehicle planning efforts, this plan will meet 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act requirements and will allow Iowa DOT to become eligible to receive millions of dollars in federal funds that support electric vehicle infrastructure development in the next five years.

What are the vision and goals that will guide the development of the plan?

How does this plan fit with other efforts?

  • This plan will build from previous statewide efforts, including the Iowa DOT 2022 State Transportation Plan and Iowa EDA’s 2019 report, Charging Forward: Iowa’s Opportunities for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Support. Additionally, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program is available for all 50 states, and Iowa’s plan will be in alignment with guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

When will the program be released?

  • The team is developing the program guidance. A draft of the NOFO, including the draft application, will be released for stakeholder comment in October 2023. The final NOFO and application will be released in late 2023.

How will the applications be scored?

  • The applications will be evaluated on the ability to meet minimum NEVI requirements, a technical proposal, and a cost proposal.

When will awardees for the first round of funding be selected?

  • We anticipate announcing the first round of awardees in 2024.

How can I identify potential partners for this process?

  • If you are a potential EV charging site host, equipment manufacturer, charging services provider, electrical contractor, utility, or provider of other services and would like to be included in a networking list, please fill out the online survey. The information received, including contact information, will be shared with all survey respondents in May.

How can I be notified that the application is live?

How can I sign up to receive updates on this project?

My question isn’t answered. How can I get it answered?

As the program guidance and application process are being developed, the above information and timelines are subject to change.


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