Office of Rail Transportation

Quality of life

Increased mobility for Iowans

tourism and recreation Expanded passenger rail is a key piece of a versatile, flexible way to move people, along with automobiles, air travel, buses, shuttles, and commuter services. Alternative travel options that work in concert with or as alternatives to the other modes of transportation allow smart and easy choices for travelers.

Passenger rail is an especially popular choice for business travelers who can quickly board a train and make productive use of their time on board. Families can take advantage of the travel time for relaxation and enjoy time together during a trip.

As baby boomers head into retirement, this group will require attractive alternatives to automobile travel. One in five Americans age 65 or older does not drive, and the population older than 65 is expected to nearly double by 2030. Whether aging Iowans can no longer safely drive or choose not to drive, the need will increase for travel options that allow retirees the ability to visit friends and family around the country.

On the other end of the age spectrum, university students will likely be frequent travelers, as many out-of-state students are from the Chicago area, which is a popular destination for weekend outings among young adults.