Office of Rail Transportation

Energy and environmental sustainability

Getting on Board now makes sense for Iowa's environment

Passenger rail contributes to energy and environmental sustainability. A reduction in the growth rate of vehicle miles traveled, and the related reduced fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, will help move Iowa toward a goal of energy independence and security.

Rail graph The impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on human health and our global climate is a very good reason to support the expansion of transportation modes that generate lower levels of GHG emissions.

The Chicago to Iowa City route plans to use an innovative "GreenLine" concept. Available or emerging technologies will be investigated and used to make this one of the "greenest" lines in America. Everything will be on the table for consideration as this line is developed, including fuel-saving technologies, emission controls, alternative energy sources and lubricants, use of recycled or repurposed materials in the equipment manufacture and operation, and even locally grown foods served in the dining cars.