Lewis And Clark Multiuse Trail

logo The Lewis and Clark Multiuse Trail is one of the five statewide significant bicycle trails identified by the Iowa DOT that could be completed in the next 20 years. The Lewis and Clark Multiuse Trail will extend from the South Dakota border at Sioux City to the Missouri border for a distance of approximately 150 miles on Iowa's Missouri River Valley.

The Lewis and Clark Multiuse Trail's overall goal is to make the landscapes and natural and human history of the Missouri River Valley and the Loess Hills more accessible to a wide variety of users for recreational, transportation, educational and economic development purposes.

Iowa's Missouri River Valley is an environment of remarkable riches on many levels. The great American explorers Lewis and Clark followed the Missouri River in their quest to explore the Louisiana Purchase in search of a water and land highway to the Pacific Ocean. As they traveled along the Missouri River through Iowa, they moved from the familiar regions of eastern Midwest to areas fully known only to Native Americans and a few white traders. Great observers that they were, Lewis and Clark inspired a concept that more than two centuries later can open this beautiful and historic territory to a new generation of explorers – a series of interconnected pathways that guide people through diverse places and environments, while letting them control their passage and the nature of their engagement with the landscape and its communities.