Lewis And Clark Multiuse Trail


The Lewis and Clark Multiuse Trail study is expected to be completed July 1, 2010. The study is being conducted in the following eight areas.

1. Mobilization – defined the scope of the project, established specific milestones and established a project steering committee representing various trail constituencies.

2. Comparative methodologies – explored work done in Iowa and other states and regions on similar regional and interpretive trails, learned from these experiences and adapted final methodologies and techniques to these experiences.

3. Identification of resources and opportunities – identified and evaluated the features, resources and opportunities defining the Lewis and Clark Trail’s primary route and associated network.

4. Trail visioning – developed an overall trail vision and development goals through a participation process involving stakeholders in different parts of the study area.

5. Trail planning: options and preliminary locations evaluated trail routing alternatives, and create preliminary trail definition and design.

6. Information plan – developed a comprehensive graphics program for the Lewis and Clark Multiuse Trail.

7. Implementation plan – developed a phased implementation program for the Lewis and Clark Trail.

8. Public presentations and publications developed trail program materials for presentations to the public and trail constituencies communicating the vision and guiding incremental trail development.