Local Systems

Forms, Spreadsheets and Software

Bid Item Application

This web-based application is required for developing the bid item information for projects let through the Iowa DOT. The project specific bid item information is used to prepare the quantity tabulation and engineers estimate. For more information on the Bid Item Application, see IM 3.720.

Recording of May 15, 2013 Bid Item Application Webinar. The duration of the recording is 45 minutes.

Bridge Sufficiency Rating Calculation

A Microsoft® Excel® 2000 spreadsheet for calculating a bridge sufficiency rating using data from the Structure Inventory and Appraisal Sheet.

Claim reimbursement form

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for requesting reimbursement from the Iowa DOT on federal-aid or state-aid contracts administered by the districts.

Concept Statement for Local Systems Federal-Aid Projects, Form 517001

Available in fillable PDF format. This form provides basic information about the project, including location, cost and funding sources, design criteria, and potential environmental impacts. This form should be completed early in the project development process and submitted to the Iowa DOT's administering office. See IM 3.020, Concept Statement Instructions, for more information.

DOT forms

A complete list of Iowa DOT forms currently available online.

Environmental Data Sheet, Form 517006

Available in fillable PDF format. If required by the concept statement, this form provides additional information about potential environmental impacts to recreational areas, wildlife refuges and threatened or endangered species. See IM 4.030Environmental Data Sheet Instructions, for more information.

Materials Audit Forms

These forms are used by a local agency's project inspector to document compliance with the Iowa DOT Standard Specifications of materials incorporated into a project using these specifications. To view or print these forms, go to the Electronic Reference Library, Materials IMs, Volume 1, IM 101, Appendix B.

Notice of Subscriptions Renewals Due and Manuals Available, Form 160001

Ordering form for various Iowa DOT manuals and publications.

Project Development Certification, Form 730002

Form 730002 is used by local public agencies and the Iowa DOT to certify that a project is ready for letting. For more information, see IM 5.050, Project Development Certification Instructions.

Request for Approval: Local Road System, Form 621003E (Form 1-E)

Form 621003E is required with hydraulic review submittals for local bridge projects. For more information, see IM 3.500, Preliminary Bridge or Culvert Plans.

Risk Assessment for Bridges and Culverts, Form 517002

Form 517002 is also required with hydraulic review submittals for local bridge projects. For more information, see IM 3.500, Preliminary Bridge or Culvert Plans.

Structural Inventory and Inspection Management System (SIIMS)

SIIMS is used by the Iowa DOT, local agencies, and their consultants to enter and review bridge inspection information in order to comply with the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS).

Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation’s Bridges