Office of Local Systems

Federal-aid training resources for local agencies in Iowa

Federal-aid Overview Seminar

Cancelled for June 21, 2017

The Office of Local Systems conducts the Federal-aid Overview Seminar as part of the Iowa DOT’s administration and oversight of Local Public Agency (LPA) Federal-aid projects.  The Overview Seminar is for LPAs and consultant staff.  It provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the Federal-aid project development and construction, and is based on the Office of Local Systems’ Federal-aid Project Development Guide and Instructional Memorandums (IMs).  

District Spring Meetings

Annually the District Local Systems staffs conduct a District Spring Meeting.  The District Spring Meetings are different than the Federal-aid Overview Seminar conducted by the Office of Local Systems.  The intent of the District Spring Meetings is to cover more specific subjects important to Iowa DOT personnel and LPAs in their districts.  Project development, construction administration, materials monitoring, and other LPA issues and updates are discussed.  LPAs with current and future Federal-aid projects are strongly encouraged to attend.  For more information about the next District Spring meeting in your area, please contact the appropriate Iowa DOT District Office.

The following are the 2017 Spring Meetings:
District Date and location Contact Agenda and map
District 1 March 22
Iowa State University Alumni Center, Ames
Jim Kennedy
District 2 March 1
Elks Lodge, Charles City
Bob Welper
District 3 February 16
WIT, Cherokee
Brian Catus
District 4 April 20
Cass County Community Center, Atlantic
Vince Ehlert
District 5 April 7
Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa
Christy Vanbuskirk
District 6 March 9
Coralville Public Library, Coralville
Kent Ellis

LPA Contract Administration

To make the construction oversight process run more smoothly, the Office of Local Systems has developed two Contract Administration courses.  The Basic course includes guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the project engineer, engineering staff, and contractors; contract documentation; record keeping; field book forms; progress vouchers; and basic materials inspection.  The Advanced course includes guidance on local agency utility policy and process; the materials audit; local agency IM 6.110, Final Review, Audit, and Close-out Procedures for Federal-aid Projects; and local agency IM 6.130, Interest Payment Procedures. Failure to properly document the progress of project may result in loss of Federal-aid for that project and may jeopardize the utilization of Federal-aid on future projects.  To sign up for the Contract Administration courses, refer to the Technical Training Certification Program (TTCP) Information and Registration Book.   Additional resources are available on the Office of Local Systems Project Inspection and Administration web page.

Federal-aid Essentials

More and more, transportation agencies must pursue better, faster, and smarter ways of doing business.  Federal-aid Essentials offers a central online library of informational videos and resources, designed specifically for LPAs.  Each video addresses a single topic, condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples.

Note: The information in the videos was developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for a national audience and is very general.  Iowa may have more specific requirements that will need to be followed.  Therefore, LPA Federal-aid projects in Iowa should always follow the procedures provided in our IMs.

Local Technical Assistance Program

Iowa's Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), which is part of the Institute for Transportation (InTrans) at Iowa State University, is dedicated to helping Iowa's local governments keep up with growing demands on local roads, streets, bridges, and public transportation.  The Iowa LTAP provides technical and management assistance to Iowa's local transportation officials through a variety of programs and training opportunities.