Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund


Working through many partners in Iowa, the Living Roadway Trust Fund (LRTF) supports integrated roadside vegetation management (IRVM) programs; and educates the public on the benefits, use and care of roadside vegetation, including native plants.

One of the ways the LRTF supports the accomplishment of these goals is by providing grant funding to eligible cities under 10,000 in population. Typically, a match is required of applicants that meets or exceeds 20 percent of the total project cost.

As examples, grants can be awarded for the rental of specialized equipment to accomplish IRVM operations; gateway and community entryway roadside plantings that demonstrate the best management practices of IRVM; education, and public awareness concerning IRVM issues. The LRTF's funding guidelines for Cities under 10,000 in population are updated periodically and detail what is eligible for grant funding and the specific match requirements.



Please read the LRTF funding guidelines and application instructions before completing the application.All LRTF grant applications must include a completed Minority Impact Statement (MIS) (Iowa DOT Form 105101). Applications will be considered incomplete unless the MIS is completed and submitted with the grant proposal.

Applications for Cities under 10,000 in population can be submitted until the funding is exhausted and must be submitted using the Fiscal Year 2020 grant application. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to communicate with us ahead of submission. Please contact us with questions.

Application submission:
Email the completed application, Minority Impact Statement and any supplemental materials to . (Hard copies cannot be accepted)

NOTE: The application appears best when viewed in Internet Explorer.Google Chrome and Firefox users may have to take additional steps in order to get the form to appear correctly, as these browsers now default to their own PDF readers. If you have difficulty downloading the application try right clicking and “Save As” or contact us for additional assistance.


Matching funds:
If applicant’s costs for IRVM operations are not known, the following LRTF Schedule of Labor and Equipment Rates can be used to determine the amount of match.

City applicants:
Cities under 10,000 in population completing or sponsoring a Living Roadway Trust Fund (LRTF) application must have an approved integrated roadside vegetation management (IRVM) plan on file with the LRTF coordinator in order to be eligible to apply for funding. Search the database of county and city IRVM contacts if you would like to know more about IRVM programs in your area.

Grant recipient resources

Change requests:
Grant recipients desiring changes to the scope or budget of their project must request the modification be made to their contract as soon as known. Download and complete the Request for a Change in Scope or Budget of an LRTF Project form (.doc).

Extension requests:
Grant recipients desiring an extension to their contract must apply for a no-cost extension prior to the agreement expiration date. Download and complete the Request For Extension of LRTF Funding form (.doc).

Quarterly reports:
Grant recipients that are required to submit quarterly reporting for their project as outlined in the Grant Agreement must file their reports using this standard reporting form. Download and complete the LRTF Quarterly Report Form (.doc).

Reimbursement requests:
All LRTF payments and reimbursement requests must be submitted using the Request for Reimbursement of Living Roadway Trust Fund Grant Project Costs and Direct Vendor or Services Payments form (Microsoft Excel®).

In order for reimbursement requests to be processed, the Iowa DOT requires recipients and vendors being paid directly have an IRS Form W-9 on file.