Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund


Roadside management – services and benefits
Integrated roadside vegetation management (IRVM) in Iowa uses native grasses and wildflowers of the original predominantly prairie landscape, which are well-adapted for use on roadsides. Hardy and beautiful, native roadsides offer aesthetic, economic, environmental, and educational opportunities.

Iowa roadside vegetation
Establishing prairie plants in roadside rights of way:
  • Provides low-maintenance weed and erosion control.
  • Reduces surface runoff and erosion by improving infiltration.
  • Reduces snow drifting and winter glare.
  • Ensures sustainability by increasing species diversity.
  • Enhances wildlife habitat.
  • Beautifies the landscape by providing ever changing color and texture throughout the year.
  • Preserves our natural heritage.
  • Provides filtering and capture of nutrients, pesticides, and sediment.