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Brine making process in a purchased unit

Basic Components:

Basic brine component

Step 1:

Adding rock salt to brine maker
Add rock salt

Step 2:

Water introduced into the salt
Add water to the salt. A manifold or other type of mechanism controls the flow of water.

Step 3:

Controlling the flow of water
As the controlled flow of water percolates up through the rock salt, the solution becomes more and more concentrated.

Step 4:

Brine overflow into holding tanks
The liquid at the overflow level is at or near the 23% salt solution. The brine solution flows into the holding tank and is tested for the correct concentration using a hydrometer or salimeter.

If too dilute, the solution is recirculated back through the mixing tank

Or, if too concentrated, additional water is added.

Once the concentration is correct at 23.3%, the brine can be used to refill anti-icing and prewetting tanks, or offloaded to storage tanks, read to use when needed.