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Having the right tools to get the job done makes any task easier. One of those tools, Microsoft Teams is now a part of our Microsoft Office suite available to the entire DOT.

Microsoft is phasing out Skype for Business and replacing it with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams replaces the chat and meeting functions of Skype and also adds a number of new significant capabilities and features.

One big difference between Microsoft Teams and Skype is that your teams are predefined as the employees in your Bureau or work location. Your Microsoft Teams name will follow a naming convention that will include your Bureau. For example: The Customer Support Bureau will be named Team-CSB. Your team will also be connected to other teams in your Division.

What's next?

For now, you will have both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business on your machine. Skype will be removed this summer.

There will be much more information about teams coming in the next few weeks and months. If you have questions, please call the Help Desk at 515-239-1075 or email

If you want to use the portal to get to Teams, you can go to either or

Jump right in!

Every Iowa DOT employee will receive a helpful handout that covers basic use of Microsoft Teams. You don’t need to wait for the handout to get started. If you’re curious, you can get started as soon as see you notice Microsoft Teams on your computer.

Need more information?

This site will serve as the hub for information regarding how to use Teams. We will continue to send emails about the functions of Teams to individuals and team owners. You can get a great introduction to Teams by watching the video at the top of this site or with this LinkedIn Learning basic overview course.