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Disaster emergency waivers for motor carriers assisting with flood relief

The Governor's Proclamation of Disaster Emergency waives the following fees and regulations to assist with flood recovery and are currently valid until midnight Sept. 8, 2019.

  1. A vehicle engaged in disaster relief may move overweight loads of up to 90,000 pounds without obtaining a permit, except on the interstate system.
  2. The Iowa DOT may issue single trip and annual OS/OW permits for divisible loads related to disaster relief. Normally these loads are not eligible for permits. Requiring a permit will allow us to route the vehicle to make sure the route is safe and can handle the vehicle. We will expedite any permits related to disaster relief.
  3. Fees for any permits issued to a vehicle engaged in disaster relief are waived.
  4. The requirement that a vehicle involved in a movement related to disaster relief be registered for the gross weight of the vehicle and its load is waived.
  5. The requirement for longer combination vehicles to operate only in designated economic export corridors is waived and allows these vehicles to be operated on any highway of the state, other than the interstate system, when the movement is related to disaster relief. This will allow combinations legal in South Dakota to be used in Iowa when the movement is related to disaster relief.

How do I operate within these disaster emergency provisions

Provide a written statement within the permit application to indicate the permit is being used for emergency flood relief. Iowa DOT staff will manually waive fees for eligible permits at the time of issuance.


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SOME rules related to trip permits, fuel permits, and overweight loads BEING WAIVED TO ASSIST IN FLOOD RECOVERY EFFORTS

To expedite disaster relief and recovery in Iowa and Nebraska, some rules related to trip permits required by the International Registration Plan and fuel permits required by the International Fuel Tax Agreement have been temporarily waived for motor carriers transporting equipment, supplies, materials, and storm debris in conjunction with response and recovery efforts in Iowa and Nebraska. These waivers apply to commercial vehicles traveling in and through the state of Iowa for the purpose of providing direct assistance to disaster areas in the states of Iowa and Nebraska.

Motor carriers delivering relief supplies for flood recovery efforts can now obtain free permits to travel on the interstate system with overweight divisible loads. Travel on the interstate system will only be allowed using a permit issued by Iowa DOT, and permits are required for overweight loads greater than 80,000 pounds. Oversize divisible loads continue to be restricted from the interstates.

The waivers are effective immediately and will expire Sept. 8, 2019.