vehicle registration

Fees waived for replacement titles, plates, and registration cards

Fees will be waived to replace titles, plates, and registration cards (including the sticker) that were lost or destroyed in one of the counties declared a disaster due to flooding. The five‐day waiting period will also be waived for a customer to receive a replacement title for a vehicle, trailer, mobile home, etc. when the original title was lost or destroyed by the recent flooding.

These provisions have been made by the Governor’s Proclamation to assist with flood recovery and are currently valid until midnight, Aug. 9, 2019.

How to replace my title, plates, or registration card

  1. Create a written statement confirming your title, plate, or registration card was lost or destroyed by the recent flooding. Include the city and county where it happened.
  2. If replacing a title, complete the Application for Replacement of Iowa Certificate of Title . If replacing a plate or registration card (including the sticker), complete the Application for a Replacement Plate.
  3. Mail or bring in the written statement and completed registration forms(s) to your county treasurer.