Flying our colors PLATE

The special fees collected for this plate will be credited to a flood mitigation fund administered by the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

*Please note there are different requirements depending upon plate choice. 

Eligible vehicles Automobiles
Multipurpose vehicles
Sport utility vehicles
Motor homes
Trailers and travel trailers
Numbered plates
  • $35 initial fee for the Flood Mitigation Fund
  • $10 annual registration fee for the Flood Mitigation Fund at time of renewal
  • Annual registration renewal fee

Plates (including personalized plates) may be purchased as a gift. Gift certificates will be mailed to the purchaser.

Numbered plates must be ordered through your county treasurer's office.

Personalized plates
  • $60 initial fee ($25 plate fee + $35 for the Flood Mitigation Fund)
  • $15 annual registration fee ($5 validation fee + $10 for the Flood Mitigation Fund) at time of renewal
  • Annual registration renewal fee

Personalized license plates may consist of up to seven characters and numbers. All personalized plate choices must have at least two characters.

  • No punctuation marks are allowed.
  • No denoting a government agency (i.e., DOT).
  • No display of characters that are sexual in connotation.
  • No characters suggesting profane, obscene or inflammatory words or phrases, or those contrary to public policy.
  • No characters or words defined in dictionaries as a term of vulgarity, contempt, prejudice, hostility, insult, or racial or ethnic degradation.
  • No characters considered to be offensive.
  • No characters that conflict with the regular license numbering system.
  • Recognized as a swear word.
  • Reference to an illegal substance or criminal act.
  • Any foreign word falling in any of these categories.
  • Cannot be all numbers.
How to apply

Order online (You will need an Iowa Driver's license or ID and a credit card to complete the transaction.)

Your plates will be sent to your county treasurer's office and staff will notify you when your plates are available. Typical processing time is 3-6 weeks. Plates must be assigned to a vehicle within 90 days or the plates will be voided and no refund issued. Your current plates must be exchanged for your new plates.

For questions

Telephone: 515-237-3110


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