Operations Bureau

Highway Helper Sponsorship

Ensures the mobility and safe operation of the transportation system through proactive traffic management which is also called Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). The office oversees: 

  • Management of the day-to-day traffic operations on the highway system through the statewide Traffic Management Center  (TMC)
  • Management of  the emergency transportation operations (ETO) response efforts on behalf of the DOT
  • Management and maintenance of the 511 Travel Information System
  • Deployment and maintenance of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) on the highway system
  • Development  and maintenance of a coordinated, comprehensive statewide traffic incident management (TIM) response plan
  • Management of Iowa's TSMO plan
Highway Helper Sponsorship

A motor vehicle enforcement officer is a peace officer whose primary duty is to enforce all state and federal regulations that apply to commercial vehicles travelling Iowa's roadways. Some of the laws enforced relate to the following:

  • Management of the day-to-day traffic operations on the highway system through the statewide Traffic Management Center  (TMC)
  • State and federal motor carrier safety regulations
  • State and federal hazardous materials regulations
  • Driver qualifications/driver licensing

The Construction and Materials office, in Ames, provides oversight, guidance, consultation, and specialized services related to construction contract administration; field inspection; materials sampling and testing; specifications; materials instructional memoranda; administrative and regulatory requirements; technical training; reporting, performance tracking, contract disputes, and other matters to ensure cost-effective and uniform compliance with contract documents.

The office also offers technical assistance and materials testing services to local public agencies on city and county projects advertised through the Iowa DOT. Services and expertise provided by the Office of Construction and Materials include:

  • Oversight, guidance, and support for field staff through all phases of construction contract administration.
  • Engineering specialists who provide subject matter expertise and training to field personnel in the areas of earthwork and erosion control, asphalt, concrete, structures, and work zone traffic safety.
  • Central materials laboratory technicians who test and approve materials for use on projects; and also provide, maintain, and calibrate test equipment for field staff.
  • Manufactured products staff who maintain a searchable database of approved products, sources, producers, and suppliers of materials for Iowa highway projects.
  • Geology staff who ensure the availability, quality, and durability of aggregates to optimize the performance and longevity of Iowa’s transportation system.
  • Special investigations staff who perform specialized testing and analysis of the Primary Road System and the Interstate Highway System for use in pavement management and design.
  • Pavement management staff who evaluate pavement data; design new pavements and the rehabilitation of existing pavements; and make recommendations on rehabilitation techniques. Pavement management staff also determine life cycle costs; recommend pavement types; and supports the Iowa DOT’s pavement management effort by providing input on pavement performance, modeling, condition indices, and economics.
  • Training specialists who manage and administer the Iowa DOT’s Technical Training and Certification Program, providing a wide variety of web-based and classroom certification training to Iowa DOT staff, other state and local agencies, consultants, contractors, and producers.

The Iowa DOT believes it's important to prepare for emerging technologies that will shape the future of transportation. We have partnered with Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and HERE North America on a project to set a vision that will help us prepare for increasing levels of vehicle automation.

Rest area sponsorship

In partnership with field maintenance, we will manage our maintenance operations so that consistent, effective and quality services are provided to the traveling public.

  • Winter operations
  • Winter travel information
  • WeatherView/AWOS
  • Adopt-A-Highway information
  • Maintenance garages and roadways
  • ROW harvesting and mowing
Rest area sponsorship

Serving Iowans with professionalism, a caring spirit and integrity.

  • Traffic Engineering – design and operational issues involving traffic mobility, safety and efficiency involving intersection design, signing, traffic signals, pavement markings and lighting
  • Transportation Safety – making our roadways safer by developing safety projects funded by federal and state programs, conducting safety reviews and providing world-class crash data
  • Advertising Management – manage programs including billboards, logo signs, tourist-oriented directional signs, private directional signs, and junkyards
  • Sign Shop – manufacture and provide highway and facility signs for the Iowa DOT and some governmental agencies
  • Work Zone Safety – provide leadership in the development of design policies, specifications, training and research related to work zones
  • Utility Accommodation and Coordination – providing benefits to Iowans by allowing and managing public utilities in the highway right-of-way
  • Access Management – providing safe and efficient access (driveways) to the primary highway system