Policy and Legislative Services



Each year the Office of Policy and Legislative Services reviews all new legislation and compiles transportation- and government-related bills into one publication. The publication, 2011 Iowa Acts for the DOT, includes 38 of the house and senate files passed by the General Assembly during the 2011 regular session.

The Numerical List identifies the pertinent bills included in the publication.

The Subject List shows the bills by category and bill number. The five subject list categories are: Appropriations; Highway; Motor Vehicle; Planning and Modal: Air, Rail, Trails, Transit, and Water; and Government and Administration.

The Comments by Code Chapter/Section page identifies certain chapters/sections amended, the bill and a short explanation.

The Item Vetoes page identifies bills of interest that were item vetoed by Governor Branstad.

The Reports/Studies Required page lists those reports/studies that affect or are of interest to the DOT.

The Administrative Rules page identifies rules that the DOT may need to adopt, amend, or rescind as a result of new legislation.

For details on legislation that include DOT initiatives, see:

- HF 683 (DOT Appropriations)
- SF 205 (DOT Transportation Changes)

For details on two other key pieces of legislation, see:

- HF 648 (Infrastructure Appropriations)
- SF 533 (Standing and Salary Appropriations)

For more information about the publication, contact Tracy George at 515-239-1358.