Policy and Legislative Services


The 2012 legislature adjourned May 9 and sent 55 house and 86 senate files to the governor. The Iowa General Assembly's website includes a complete list of all enrolled bills and action taken on those bills, as well as a list of Iowa Code sections amended.

The 2012 Iowa Acts for the Iowa DOT can be found below. This publication, 2012 Iowa Acts for the DOT, includes 28 of the house and senate files passed by the Iowa General Assembly during the 2012 regular session. A subject listing with a description of each bill is provided. A summary of comments by Iowa Code chapter/section is also included. Many of the bills are complete; however, if only a small portion of a bill applies, only that portion of the bill was provided.

*Iowa DOT initiatives were included in SF 2216 (International Registration Plan/Registration Reciprocity) and SF 2314 (Iowa DOT appropriations).