Program and Project Management System

Attention iconCritical Information

Plan turn-in for the September letting will be one week early- June 29

Attention iconImportant Notice

The Project Scheduling System (PSS) will be in “View Only” status during the
June 30, 2021 – July 6, 2021 time frame.

This will include Right of Way, Utilities and Location & Environment. Please run any reports that you will need prior to June 30th.

  • PSS users will only have access to the Production Schedule & Letting Reports
  • NEPA web application will be in a “View Only” status but they will have access to their reports
  • Bid Item web application will NOT be available to our external users.

Project Background

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In August 2019, Iowa DOT initiated a large project to replace the Project Scheduling System (PSS) with a new product called Masterworks. Masterworks was developed by a company named Aurigo and is a Program and Project Management System (PPMS), so you may hear this product referenced by many names.

The implementation was divided into phases. Phase 1 includes only the elements of Masterworks that are required to schedule, program and let the projects in our highway program. Some other elements were included in Phase 1 because they were a part of a module of Masterworks that was required for scheduling, programming or letting. We will begin the transition into Masterworks in June 2021.


Due to the shift toward remote working, we will rely heavily on training videos. In June, you will receive emails with a link to trainings videos that apply to your work area. We ask that you watch the videos by the due date. You will be invited to a Teams meeting to address any questions you had while watching the video. Training sessions will start with the basic functions of the system (finding your projects, entering completion dates) and proceed to more specialized work with smaller groups.


The transition process will follow this schedule:

  • June 29 – all information for the September letting must be completed in PSS, TPMS and the bid item web app by June 29th. PDF plan submittals will still be accepted on the normal schedule. 
  • June 30th – The bid item web app and most features in PSS will be view only. TPMS will stop all data transmittals to PSS. The NEPA portal may be view only. These systems will be restored for use as the process allows, dates are still being determined.
  • July 8 – Both Masterworks and PSS are accessible for work going forward. Instructions for working in both systems will be posted and emailed prior to this date.


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