Proposal Guaranty

If required, the Solicitation Response page will indicate the fixed percent of the bid security based on the amount of the Bid Response. Security can be supplied in one of the following ways: (1) Certified check or credit union certified share draft, cashier’s check, or bank draft, drawn on a solvent bank or credit union. Certified checks and certified share drafts shall be drawn and endorsed in the amount indicated. Checks or drafts shall be made payable either to the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) or to the bidder. If payable to the bidder, the check or draft shall be endorsed without qualifications to the Iowa DOT by the bidder or an authorized agent. (2) An insurance or surety company may be retained for the purposes of providing a bond as required by the solicitation. If a Bid Bond is chosen as the method of security, the Iowa DOT’s Bid Bond form 131084 must be used and submitted with the solicitation response to be considered for award.This Form 131084 must be used, no other forms or formats will be accepted.

Contractor's Registration Number
All construction contractors doing business in Iowa are required to be registered with the Iowa Workforce Development, Division of Labor Services.

Out-of-state contractors may also be required to have a bond on file with the Division of Labor. If a contractor does business under more than one name, each name must be individually registered.