Purchasing Section

Iowa DOT Purchasing Section Procurement Update

e-procurement from Ion Wave Technologies

Earlier this year, the Iowa DOT Purchasing Section implemented a new electronic bidding system from ION WAVE Technologies, Inc. We thank those of you who have registered and responded to bid opportunities of interest. If you haven’t seen a posted bid opportunity for the types of goods or services you sell, we encourage you to continue to monitor the bid schedule within the Ion Wave site for upcoming requests.

In addition to acknowledging early successes with the Ion Wave system, we want to share with you a recent update of adding new commodities to the existing list. We believe these additions will benefit both you our suppliers in registering and providing specific goods or services and us in refining our bidders lists specific to the type of good or services available where a more general list is too broad. While we can’t list every type of good or service as its own, we hope our attention to revising the list from time to time will help everyone.

New commodities in Ion Wave
  • Building Maintenance and Materials
    • Hoop Structure Repair Services (new)
    • Mechanical Services (new)
  • Construction
    • Hoop Structures- new construction (new)
  • Construction: Contracting and Sub Contracting Services
    • Tile Boring Services (new)
  • Highway/Interstate Maintenance and Materials (new)
    • Aggregates: Rock salt, ice control sand, shoulder aggregate (new)
    • Emulsions: CRS. CRS-2, CRS-2P materials (new)
    • Right of Way Weed Spraying Services (new)
    • Truck Hauling Services (new)
  • Environmental
    • Herbicides (new)

Since we transitioned from our old bidding system, we noticed that many of the suppliers registered in our previous system have not yet registered in Ion Wave.

We ask two things; first of all, if you have not registered in Ion Wave we encourage you to do so at https://iowadotebid.ionwave.net/VendorRegistration/PreliminaryInfo.aspx. Secondly, if you have registered in Ion Wave, please consider revising the commodities in your account based on the list above if they apply to you.

e-signature Contracting from Sysintellects

This notification to potential suppliers also gives us an opportunity to announce another new addition to the Purchasing Section: an e-signature contracting software from Sysintellects, called CMx. This secure, web-based contract management solution allows for contract and vendor tracking, management and document automation.

Authenticity and Security
As with the introduction of the ION Wave application, the CMx application is a legitimate means of doing business with the Iowa DOT Purchasing Section. It’s possible that official requests for bids or quotes or sending electronic contracts for signature via email notification can get sorted as spam, junk or simply deleted because the recipient does not recognize the sender. Any emails coming from ION Wave as iowadotbid.net or CMx as contractexperience.com legitimately represent the Iowa DOT procurement business applications.

Using electronic applications to conduct bidding and awarding contracts is exciting and offers a higher level of security. They build efficiencies into the procurement process spending less time on the process and giving more time to suppliers to concentrate on the timely shipment of goods and delivery of services.

Soon to be implemented in both Ion Wave and CMx will be the ability to submit proposal guarantees (Bid Bonds) and Performance Bonds for construction projects when applicable. More information will be posted on this website in the coming days.

We thank you for your continued business and look forward to doing business with more of you through these electronic opportunities. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at IowaDOTPurchasing@iowadot.us