Introducing Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB)

facilitate traffic control

The IHRB was established in 1950 to provide guidance and oversight for the use of the secondary road research funds. Years later, the IHRB is still fulfilling that role, overseeing about 20 new projects each year involving transportation issues in Iowa. The value earned from this research is continually returned to Iowa taxpayers multifold through cost savings of innovations, improved safety and implementation of proactive technologies.

Research ideas, problem statements/proposals

The IHRB encourages submission of research ideas and problem statements. If you have an idea that may merit evaluation for research please contact Vanessa Goetz. She will help you determine the best approach for proceeding under the current business plan. Any problem statements or proposals that are submitted to the IHRB must be prepared according to the problem statement/proposal and guidelines.On a semiannual basis, the board publishes a list of topics and a request for research proposals - the majority of research efforts will be focused on these topics. Proposals outside of these requested areas will be accepted on only a limited, case-by-case basis.

IHRB meetings

The IHRB generally holds meetings on the last Friday of every month; however, the board does not meet in January or August. The November and December meetings are combined, taking place on the last day of the Iowa County Engineer's conference (in the first part of December). Once approved, previous meeting minutes are available. The agenda for each meeting is prepared approximately two weeks prior to the meeting date. Future meeting dates planned for the next four years are available here.