Traffic, safety and human factors

Title Abstract Full Report Year Number
School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law
2012 RB38-012
Diagnostic Tools for Identifying Sleepy Drivers in the Field
Report 2013 RB21-012
Moving Beyond Teen Crash Fatality Statistics: The Go-Team Study Report 2013 GOTM-000
Sign Inventory   User Guide 2010 SMSI-001
An Experimental Validation of a Statistical-Based Damage Detection Approach   Report 2011 08-336
An Analysis of OWI Arrests and Convictions in Iowa   Report 2011 OWIR-010
Review of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Policies and Programs   Report 2011 RB04-011
Final Report on the Portable Computerized Assessments of
Sleepy Drivers in Operational Environments
  Report 2011 SLDR-010
Roadway Lighting and Safety: Phase II Monitoring Quality, Durability and Efficiency Summary Report 2011 TR-601
Risk Mitigation Strategies for Operations and Maintenance Activities Summary Report 2012
Evaluation of Low Cost Traffic Calming for Rural Communities – Phase II

Tech Brief
Center Island

Tech Brief
Colored Pavements

Tech Brief
Dynamic Speed Feedback Sign

Report 2013 TR-630
Effectiveness of Work Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems   Report 2013 TPF-5(081) Contract 13092
Synthesis of Work-Zone Performance Measures Tech Brief Report 2013 TPF-5(081)
Prevalence and Distribution of Young Driver Distraction Errors in Naturalistic Driving   Report 2014 TPF-5(207)
A comparative policy analysis of seat belt laws   Report 2014