Office of Right of Way

State Right of Way Websites (text version)

Immediately below are general sites followed by individual state sites.

General Information Sites

U.S. DOT State DOT Sites - text based
AASHTO Right of Way Subcommittee

State Right of Way Web sites
State (linked) Is there ROW info? Is there 
a ROW home page?
What information is found there?
Alaska Yes Yes Contacts page with links to Property Management, Urban Acquisition and CADD Standards.  Click here for ROW Procedures Manual.
Alabama Yes Yes Much information: highlights include contacts, overview, flowchart, FAQs, rights, plans (some downloadable), procedural manuals and events
Arkansas Some Yes Lists ROW Director with brief ROW description. Click here for ROW Manual
Arizona Yes Yes Section information is available including Property Sales, Acquisitions, and CADD
California Yes Yes Very well organized site for Right of Way with a variety of information including PDF publications, online ROW manual, excess land sales, appraisal forms, sign permits, and contact information
Colorado Some No Brochure downloads and other information for a U.S. Hwy.  Click here for ROW Manual
Connecticut Some No Property Management page with various information.  Click here for permits.  Click here for more traffic cams
WashingtonDC No No Department of Public Works
Delaware Some No Site map: Lots of Information that this page links to. Not much Right of Way information.
Florida Yes Yes General information site with several links under Right of Way Topics
Georgia No No General Transportation information.
Hawaii Some Yes Function of Right of Way Branch
Iowa Yes Yes Sales site, some manuals, brochures, national right of way links page
Idaho Yes Yes Site has links to many ROW functional areas and Surplus Property Auctions.
Illinois No No Land sales and some forms. Click here for Advertising Control page. Click here for Land acquisition manual (pdf)
Indiana Some No Office of Real Estate Manuals page.  Click here for Contact information. Click here for Permits.
Kansas Yes Yes Lots of links to good ROW information.
Kentucky Yes Yes Links to ROW information.  Click here for Right of Way Manual
Louisiana Yes Yes ROW site includes manuals, training, newsletters, forms and a directory of personnel.
Massachusetts Yes Yes General information on ROW process & Departments. Click here for Right of Way Manual
Maryland Some Yes Right of Way functional areas described.  Click here for Maps & Brochures
Maine No No Only contact information for property office
Michigan Yes Yes Links to ROW information.
Minnesota Yes Yes Links to ROW information. Click here for for Land Management Manuals
Missouri No No Primarily project related.  Link to LPA manual.
Mississippi No No Brief description of office.
Montana Some No ROW manual located at this site.
North Carolina Yes Yes Information on sections and who to contact.
North Dakota Some No Manuals and Publications.
Nebraska Yes Yes Site has manuals, land sales, applications and general right of way information
New Hampshire Some Yes Links to ROW information. Click here for CADD information
New Jersey Some Yes Some basic ROW information and links. Has link to ROW manual under Publications.
New Mexico Some Yes Basic description of ROW functions.
Nevada No No Nevada DOT main page.  Click here for some ROW forms.
New York No No New York DOT main page.
Ohio Some Yes Some online information includes ROW manuals, training resources, Acquisition and Appraisal pre-qualified individuals, and FAQ.  Scroll on left to see.
Oklahoma No Yes Right of Way Division Contacts only
Oregon Yes Yes Extensive site with information on each work unit, forms, manuals, etc.
Pennsylvania Some No Some general information and contacts page. ROW section falls within the Design Services Division.
Puerto Rico No No Spanish site
Rhode Island No No Real Estate Section falls under Transportation Support Division. Gives their contact information and Section's functions.
South Carolina Some No Right of Way Manuals that can be ordered.
South Dakota Some Yes General ROW information and contact page.  Relocation Brochure downloadable
Tennessee Yes Yes Information on offices, who to contact and some forms
Texas Some Yes

Links page, includes links to ROW Acquisition, CAD Standards and ROW Maps. 
Click here for ROW contacts.

Click here for TxDot manuals

Utah Yes Yes ROW information including manuals, forms, information, property sales and much more.
Virginia Yes Yes Contact and general information.  Very nice land sales site.  Has additional ROW Information and RUMS link.
Vermont Some Yes Basic information and contacts
Washington Some Yes Many different ROW information links including manual.
Wisconsin No No Contact page listing.
West Virginia Some Yes General information
Wyoming No No Land sales, not much else for ROW information.