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Project Update

Thursday, December 13, 2018

All the network hardware and operating software has been upgraded, the base station antenna positions re-observed and adjusted, network testing is in progress and should be completed next week, and additional software enhancements are being installed and tested. The additional enhancements will allow the end-user greater control over their account, and access to more network information. We will be requiring all end-users to re-register for network accounts prior to using the upgraded network. This will allow us to cleanup the...

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About the project

Revised Schedule (as of December 13)

Preliminary Engineering
August 31 to September 28
Hardware Installation
October 1 to October 11
Network Positioning & Adjustment
October 12 to December 1
Software Installation
November 19 to December 1
Network Testing
December 3 to December 19
New Network Online
January 7, 2019

The replacement of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s existing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network’s hardware and software. This will allow the network to take advantage of new available technology, and upgrade it from a GPS/Glonass network to a more complete GNSS network. The project shall be completed no later than January 6, 2019.

The existing Leica GRX1200GG Pro receivers and Leica AX1202 antennas at the 83 Iowa DOT reference stations will be replaced with Leica GR50 receivers and Leica AR10 antennas. The Leica Spider network operating software will be upgraded to allow the use of the GPS L5 signal, and the European Union and Chinese satellite constellations.

The new operating software will be installed on new servers. This will allow the existing production network to remain in-place until the new network is fully operational and has been tested.

It should take 2 to 3 hours at each reference station to complete the hardware replacement, at which time the station will be offline. Only 1 reference station in a 100-mile radius will be taken offline at a time, to allow network RTK corrections (MAX & iMAX) to still be available across the entire network while the hardware replacements are completed. A hardware replacement schedule is included, and it will be updated as needed during the replacements.

Also, you can sign-up for GNSS Network Replacement Project notices. These notices are specifically for the Replacement Project and are separate from the IaRTN notices. Replacement Project notices will only be sent out to those users who sign-up for the Replacement Project notices.