Iowa DOT Strategic Plan

How the Plan Was Created

Beginning in October 2013 the Iowa DOT's Management Team began meeting to take a look at the department and update the strategic plan. It was evident that the department was not fully successful in the current strategic plan's implementation. The decision was made to approach planning a bit differently. For more information on traditional strategic planning, see the "What is planning" section.

Step 1: Conduct organizational assessment to identify areas that need attention

Management team conducted a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

Step 2: Identify where to start

Management team worked through the process to proritize key initiatives.

Step 3: Adjust mission, vision, and core values

  • Mission - Getting you there safely efficiently, and conveniently
  • Vision - Smarter, Simpler, Customer-Driven
  • Core values - safety, respect, integrity, teamwork, leadership

Step 4: Rollout the Strategic PLan