Iowa DOT Strategic Plan


Following strategic plan training, all Iowa DOT employees are asked to complete the Core Values Feedback Tool and indicate how they feel their work units are practicing the behaviors that support the five core values areas. Individuals can complete the feedback tool using an online or paper form. Responses are identified by cost centers only, not individuals.

Feedback helps employees, work groups, and the Iowa DOT as a whole identify areas where we are having successes and areas where we can make changes to be the best we can be. Once results are received for each cost center, scores will be tallied and provided to the manager or supervisor of that work unit. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to discuss results with their employees and work on ways to improve areas that may need attention.

Online version

PDF version

Paper version

Print and complete the form, including cost center, and send to Dave Putz at the Ames Central Complex, or scan and email to