Iowa DOT Strategic Plan


The strategic plan presentation contains all the information you need to explain the current Iowa DOT strategic plan to other employees. The link below contains a Prezi presentation, as well as a script. The script contains additional information and suggestions to help personalize the presentation for individual work areas. It is suggested that you go through the script prior to presenting so you are familiar with the content and prepared to give personalized examples where they are requested in the script.

Optional presentation materials: Printed copies of the strategic plan brochure are available upon request from Andrea Henry. If you will be asking your audience to fill out the paper Core Values Feedback Tool form immediately following training, you may want to print the file ahead of time.

Prezi desktop software is not required to access the presentation and script using a desktop or laptop. Use the instructions below.
  • Click on the link below and save the .zip file.
  • Once downloaded, right click on the folder and choose “extract” to access the files within your folder.
  • Save the extracted files to a location of your choice.
  • Click on the blue Prezi icon to open the presentation.
  • Click on “Strategic Plan prezi script.pdf” to open the script.
  • The left side of the script contains the content on each slide of the Prezi presentation. The right side contains the suggested script. Items highlighted in green are items that are where the presentation and script contain the same or nearly the same content.

    Strategic Plan presentation (.zip)

To play the Prezi presentation on an iPad, follow the instructions below.
  • Download the free Prezi app on your iPad.
  • On your iPad, open your Safari browser and go to:
  • Click on the 2014 Strategic Plan screen to play the prezi. The free Prezi app on your iPad will take over and download the presentation on the iPad.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, the file is saved on the iPad, and you will not need Internet connection.
  • When you open the file:
    • Tap the left or right side of the iPad screen to navigate through Prezi.
    • Tap top or bottom of screen to get the menu. Click the "My Prezis" button to go back to start.

To access the strategic plan script only, click on the link below.