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NOTE: The Overhead Flashing Beacon Replacement Program has exhausted current funding. Additional funding is being sought, but until more funding is available all applicants are being directed to other possible programs or put on a waiting list until more funding is available.

Intersections with flashing overhead beacons and a two-way stop condition can be a safety hazard. These intersections can be dangerous because traffic on the side road that has a flashing red beacon may incorrectly assume that traffic on the main road also has a flashing red beacon and is supposed to stop. However, traffic on the main road has an overhead flashing yellow beacon and does not have to stop. Accidents can and do occur when traffic on the side road pulls out into the path of traffic on the main road.

The Iowa DOT's Office of Traffic and Safety has some funds through the Transportation Safety Improvement Program to identify and replace these beacons. The overhead beacons would be replaced with stop sign mounted flashing red lights for the side road and advance warning signs with yellow flashing lights for the main road.

Initially these will be replaced on an as-requested basis. In the future, a project may be put together to do a systematic replacement.

Intent of program

To provide funding to replace overhead flashing red and yellow beacons with stop sign mounted flashing red beacons for minor road traffic and yellow flashing beacons on the advanced warning signs for major road traffic.

Who is eligible to request funding?

All public agencies may request funding for use on any public road.

How to apply for the program

An application form must be submitted and include a quote from a supplier of the beacons desired, location of the intersection where the beacons are planned to be replaced, and a plan, including a timeline for the replacement. Contact the program administrator whose contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Type of approval required

Applicants may not purchase equipment until after they receive approval from the program administrator at the Iowa DOT.

Program's annual funding level

The program started in 2012 with $286,000 from Traffic Safety Funds. Additional funds are being sought to expand/continue the program.

Important dates

Applications are received and approved on a first-come, first-served basis as funding allows. There are no application deadlines.

Important dates

Information may be submitted electronically to

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