Office of Traffic and Safety

Sign Replacement Program for Cities and Counties (SRPFCC)

The Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Traffic and Safety is accepting applications to replace damaged, worn out, obsolete or substandard signs and signposts.

Effective July 15, 2016, the following changes will be made to the sign replacement grant program:
  • Iowa counties will be able to participate. Counties will have a maximum annual grant of $10,000.
  • Cities and counties (grantees) may apply for a sign replacement grant one year after their last grant was approved.
  • Grantees will be required to purchase the replacement signs. Reimbursement for the approved signs will be made upon notification of the signs being installed along with a copy of the invoice and the cancelled sign-order payment check from the grantee.
  • The Iowa Department of Transportation Sign Shop, or another source, may supply the signs/posts.
  • Only regulatory, warning, and school area signs, as listed here will be eligible¬†for replacement.
  • The grantee is responsible for determining the costs of signs/posts. Reimbursement will not exceed the annual maximum.
  • A fully completed application and City Resolution or County Resolution must be submitted and approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation prior to ordering signs.
  • Cities and counties not complying with the SRPFCC rules will be prohibited from applying for the program for two years.
  • SRPFCC replaces the existing Horizontal Curve Sign Program (HCSP). Applications for HCSP will be accepted until July 14, 2016. New horizontal curve signs will not be eligible after this date.
  • Examples of some of the signs available through this program are shown on the right.

There will not be a change to the following:

  • All Iowa municipalities will be able to participate. Cities will be eligible for a maximum grant of $5,000.
  • Only signs that are in need of replacement are eligible.
  • The replacement signs will be installed at the same general location from which the sign being replaced was removed.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The grant program is not for ordering new signs that do not exist at the location specified in the application.
  • An assessment of need and proper location and installation of posts will be the responsibility of the communities. Guidance to perform these tasks and all other information regarding the program is available on this website.
  • The associated hardware for the mounting of posts and signs is eligible for the program.

Application and resolution (Required)

Inspection and installation guidelines

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Variation of road signs

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