Office of Traffic and Safety


The Work Zone Safety Committee oversees work zone traffic safety issues that affect the traveling public and road workers within temporary traffic control zones. Areas of oversight include design policies, standard road plans, specifications, training, research, and new product evaluation as they relate to temporary traffic control zones. Committee members also conduct field reviews during the construction season to observe traffic control installations and recommend changes for future work zones.

Work zone traffic safety committee

  • Dan Sprengeler, chair
    Office of Traffic and Safety
  • Jim Bane
    District 4 Office
  • Mark Black
    District 2 Office
  • Brenda Boell
    Office of Local Systems
  • Mark Bortle
    Office of Construction
  • Bryan Bradley
    Office of Traffic and Safety
  • Tom Busta
    Iowa Chapter ATSSA
  • Khyle Clute
    Office of Design
  • Tim Crouch
    Office of Traffic and Safety
  • Eric Johnsen
    Office of Specifications
  • Jeff McQueen
    District 4 maintenance
  • Jim Peters
    Office of Employee Services
  • Bill Piper
    District 4 Construction
  • Tom Reis
    Office of Specifications
  • Jerry Roche
    Iowa Division FHWA
  • Dave Roeber
    District 2 Office
  • Steven Schroder
    Office of Traffic and Safety
  • Roxanne Seward
    District 3 Office
  • Brad Steinhart
    District 5 Maintenance
  • Jesse Tibodeau
    District 1 Office
  • Glenn Uglum
    District 2 Construction
  • Terry Zimmerman
    District 6 Maintenance

Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative

Smart Work Zone

The Office of Traffic and Safety coordinates the Iowa DOT's participation in the Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative (SWZDI). SWZDI is a pooled-fund study established to develop better work zone traffic control strategies to improve safety and efficiency for highway workers and motorists. Other states participating in the pooled-fund study are Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.