Traffic Operations Bureau

Cooperative Automated Transportation

Cooperative Automated Transportation includes both connected and automated vehicles. Connected vehicles are equipped with safe, interoperable networked wireless communications among:

  • Vehicles using vehicle-to-vehicle communications
  • Infrastructure using vehicle-to-infrastructure communications
  • Passengers’ personal communications devices using vehicle-to-everything communications

Iowa DOT leads and supports a variety of coordination, planning, research, pilot, and deployment activities related to cooperative and automated transportation within Iowa and at the national level.

Existing partnerships and stakeholder involvement

  • State of Iowa departments
  • Local government agencies
  • Federal government partners including:
    • Federal Highway Administration
    • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Universities; and a variety of private sector partners such as original equipment manufacturers, as well as technology and service providers.

Connected vehicles are part of a larger shift from helping people survive crashes to preventing crashes from happening in the first place.