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Iowa Advisory Council on Automated Transportation

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The purpose of the Iowa Advisory Council on Automated Transportation is to increase roadway safety, personal mobility, and freight movement within the state by advancing highly automated vehicle technologies.

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The council provides guidance, recommendations, and strategic oversight of automated transportation activities in the state.



The council’s vision is to create an automated vehicle-ready driving environment in Iowa for the safe movement of people and freight for a thriving Iowa economy.



The council’s mission is to lead, coordinate, and enable the advancement of automated transportation systems in Iowa.

Our Members

The council is chaired by the Iowa DOT director with staff from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University serving as co-chairs. University of Iowa staff provide management and logistical support for the council.

Did you Know?

The council consists of 17 members from a variety of focus areas including: safety, economic development, insurance, freight and commerce, local government, agriculture, communications, and infrastructure.

Federal Agencies

Three federal agencies (Federal Highway Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) are also members of the council having ex-officio status. Various subcommittees have been identified and will be overseen by and report to the council.

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