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Cooperative Automated Transportation Projects


Cooperative Automated Transportation Projects

Signal Phasing and Timing Project

Technologies such as Dedicated Short-Range Communications, are being utilized by the transportation community to connect vehicles to one another and at intersections that use traffic signals to better inform pedestrians and vehicle operators to enhance travel decision making and improve traffic safety. Signal Phasing and Timing message communication utilize this short-range technology to provide a wealth of intersection information to a connected vehicle for a variety of applications such as movement assistance, red-light running or collision avoidance warning.

The Iowa DOT, in partnership with the Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University, is working with a few Iowa cities to deploy infrastructure at signalized intersections across the state.

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Work Zone Data Exchange step chart

Work Zone Data Exchange Project

The U.S. DOT Work Zone Data Exchange project aims to make travel on public roads safer and more efficient through easy and complete access to data on work zone activity for public and private entities. This data can be used to produce products like 511 Traveler Information or in-car navigation. Up-to-date information about changing conditions occurring on roads - such as construction events - can help everyone navigate their trip more safely and efficiently.

This project was inspired by the General Transit Feed Specification and was launched in March 2018 to jumpstart the use of a standardized work zone data feed specification through collaboration with groups who produce and use that data.

The Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University is supporting the Iowa DOT with research and technical assistance in the development of a work zone data feed as well as involvement in the U.S. DOT committee for the project.

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Cooperative Automated Transportation plan

As part of the transportation system management and operations process, which aims to strategically improve the transportation system to ensure safe, efficient, and convenient travel for the traveling public, the Iowa DOT has developed a plan for  Cooperative Automated Transportation, known as CAT. The CAT plan establishes the Iowa DOT business case for automated transportation. The plan is just one of several  plans that are intertwined to improve both safety and mobility on Iowa’s roads. The plans identify a variety of challenges and opportunities and include existing condition assessments for the plan topic, identified where gaps in processes exist, provides recommendations to move forward.


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