Taking Updates Online

PCC II and HMA I updates are now available through Web-based training. Anyone certified in HMA I or PCC II must obtain two updates between certification and recertification. These can't be taken during the same training year that an individual certifies or recertifies. These will be posted on the Web Courses page from Jan. 1 through May 30. Please read the instructions for setting up your Learning Credentials before attempting to enroll in the updates. If you have already set up Learning Credentials and forgot your login or password, please contact the technical training office at 515-239-1819 to get this information. DO NOT set up new credentials. A training year runs from Nov. 1 through May 30. Example: You recertify in December 2013, you don't qualify to take an update until Nov. 1, 2014. Only one update will be credited per training season. You do not need to submit a registration to take the Web-based updates. Using the login information, the system documents the student's name and the date the update was completed.