General auction information

Auction items will be on display and sold in the Iowa DOT South Lot at the intersection of South Oak Avenue and South Fourth Street in Ames, Iowa.

Additional Details

  • The auction list is a preliminary list and subject to change before sale day.

General information

  • Bid numbers: Bid numbers will be printed for all bidders. Please bring a driver’s license with you to the sale. The information from your driver’s license will be scanned into the system, and a bid number will be printed for you to use at this auction. For those without a driver’s license, the information will be entered manually.
  • At this time, cars and trucks will be driven through the auction building.  Large equipment and trucks will be sold on the Southside (backside) of the auction building.  
  • Ames banks may have limited service on Saturday.
  • Handicap parking is available.
  • For your protection, please observe the restricted area signs.
  • State law prohibits smoking on State of Iowa property.
  • For your safety, no one will be allowed in the display lot after the sale begins.

People requiring accommodations because of a disability should contact auction staff wearing green vests.

Terms of Sale

  • All buyers must be 18 years or older.
  • Iowa use tax will not be collected for licensed vehicles. A seven percent sales tax will be collected on all other items. Dealers must provide their tax exemption number in order to be exempt from the sales tax.
  • Payment must be made the day of the sale by cash, cashier's check or certified check. Personal or company checks will be accepted if accompanied by satisfactory identification. Items may be removed from the sale area after full payment is made, and must be accompanied by a receipt of payment. We reserve the right to request certified funds.
    • For small items purchased at the auctions, payment must be made in full the day of the sale.
    • Successful bidders for vehicles and large equipment must make a $200 deposit for each item that is not paid for in full on the day of the sale.
  • Final settlement and removal of items purchased can be made the day of the sale. If not, the buyer has five working days to return and pay the balance owed. Items cannot be removed prior to full payment. 
  • In-transit paper license plates, good for 48 hours, will be furnished by the Iowa DOT.
  • Deposits will be forfeited if balance is not satisfied within five working days.


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