Iowa DOT Business Plan

Previous 1-Year Objectives

1-Year Objectives for 2021

DOT leadership has set five Objectives for calendar 2021, and every year hereafter new or refined 1-Year Objectives will be set.

  1. Reduce Fatalities to Under 300
  2. Update Organizational Structure & HR Business Practices to Align with Organizational Strategies
  3. Implement New Customer Feedback Programs
  4. Reimagine How We Invest in Technology
  5. Implement Business Measures that Move Us Forward

The Business Plan will be reviewed and updated every other year, implementation is achieved through specific quarterly and biweekly efforts among all Divisions. This includes the setting of specific and measurable goals at all levels of the agency that follow regular timelines. The Business Plan adapts several tools from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Staff across the agency will be introduced to many of these tools and terminology to help with implementation and accountability for work related to the strategic direction of the DOT.