Iowa Commuter Transportation Study


Woman speaking at public meeting

The study involved collecting technical transportation information from the region and evaluated it based on existing and future commuter transportation needs and demands. Balancing this technical information with local knowledge from employers, commuters, and others interested in an improved transportation system required input and engagement.

Gathering this local knowledge included:

  • A series of stakeholder interviews with major employers in the area identified demand and opportunities for commuter transportation services.
  • An advisory group of transit officials, economic development leaders, and community officials provided input on the specific community transportation needs, potential solutions, and recommendations.
  • Two online surveys were used to gather input from the public on their perceptions and desires for commuter transportation options.
  • Two public open house meetings were held to gather input from the public. Public open house #1 provided input on commuter transportation needs. Public open house #2 provided input on potential commuter transportation service enhancements.