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Design Detail Sheets
  All 500s
PDF file
500 Drainage DGN file
500-5 Precast Concrete Drain Extension PDF file
500-6 Median Culvert Extensions with Beveled Pipe and Guard PDF file
500-10 Outlets for Longitudinal, Transverse and Backslope Subdrains PDF file
500-19 Diagonal Placed Drain for Median Crossovers PDF file  
500-20 Continuous Trench Drain PDF file  
510 Roadside Development DGN file
510-1 Chain Link Fence on Concrete Retaining Wall PDF file  
510-2 Temporary Slope Drain PDF file  
510-3 Supplemental Details of Field Fence Construction (Small Animal Barrier) PDF file  
510-4 Precast Stock Pass Extension PDF file  
510-5 Small Animal Barrier for Gated Entrance PDF file  
520 Traffic Control - Two Lane - Stationary DGN file
520-54 Traffic Control Layout for Unpaved On-Site Detour with One-Lane Traffic PDF file  
520-55 Traffic Control Layout for Unpaved On-Site Detour with Two-Way Traffic PDF file  
531 Median Crossover DGN file
531-2 Median Crossover at Interchange (50' Median) PDF file  
535 Roadway Shoulders DGN file
535-3 Paved Shoulder Hot Mix Asphalt with 6" Sloped Curb and Gutter Unit PDF file  
540 Traffic Barriers and Appurtenances DGN file
540-13 Barricade at Crossover PDF file  
560 Miscellaneous   DGN file
560-2 Mailbox Turnouts (Granular Surfaced) PDF file  
560-3 Grading Blister at Light Pole Footing PDF file  
560-4 HMA Wedge for Superelevation PDF file  
560-5 Painted Islands PDF file  
560-6 Shared-Use Trail or Sidewalk Behind Steel Beam Guardrail at Bridge Approach PDF file  
570 Erosion Control   DGN file
570-1 Slash Mulch Berm PDF file  
570-2 Rock Check Dam PDF file  
570-3 Temporary Sediment Control Basin PDF file  
570-4 Silt Fence Installation for Shallow or No Ditch PDF file  
570-5 Erosion Control for Intake or Manhole Well PDF file  
570-6 Open-Throat Curb Intake Sediment Filter PDF file  
570-7 Grate Intake Sediment Filter Bag PDF file  
570-8 Temporary Rock Berm for Sediment Control PDF file  
570-9 Erosion Control for Trenchless Construction PDF file  
570-10 Stabilized Construction Entrance PDF file