Construction Manual - Chapter 3

General Inspection

Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 3 Table of Contents
3.00 General Inspection
3.10 Diaries, Records, and Measurements
3.20 Field Tests
3.30 Control of Materials
3.40 Hauling of Materials
3.50 Weighing Equipment for Determination of Pay Quantities
3.60 Smoothness
3.70 Impacts to Adjoining Property
Chapter 3 Appendices
Appendix 3-1 Salvaged Project Materials
Appendix 3-2 Technician Responsibilities for Portland Cement Concrete Paving Acceptance
Appendix 3-3 Technician Responsibilities for Structural Concrete Acceptance
Appendix 3-4 Technician Responsibilities for Hot Mix Asphalt Acceptance
Appendix 3-5 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 3-6 Plant Monitor Documentation
Appendix 3-7 Portable Scale Report
Appendix 3-8 Oath of Weighmaster
Appendix 3-9 Iowa DOT Form 532011 Construction Equipment Input Data Sheet