Construction Manual - Chapter 5


Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 5 Table of Contents
5.00 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
5.10 Employee Right-to-Know
5.20 Construction Work Zone Traffic Control
5.30 Multilane Highway Traffic Control Issues
5.40 Traffic Quality Control
5.50 Temporary Installation of Electrical Power Lines
Chapter 5 Appendices
Appendix 5-1 Report of Investigation - Vehicle Accident
Appendix 5-2 Work Zone Incident Report
Appendix 5-3 Temporary Stop Sign Placement During Construction
Appendix 5-4 Sample Contractor Letter Documenting NCHRP 350 Compliance
Appendix 5-5 Sample Format for Reporting Severe Personal Injury and Fatal Accidents
Appendix 5-6 Project Flaggers Spreadsheet
Appendix 5-7 Flow Chart for Signalized vs. Flagger Controlled Haul Crossings
Appendix 5-8 Traffic Control Information Sources
Appendix 5-9 Traffic Control Problem/Solution Guidelines
Appendix 5-10 Traffic Control Evaluation Report (Form 830437)
Appendix 5-11 Daily Traffic Control Diary