Project Plans



Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction


Specification 1107.08

Public Convenience and Safety


Specification 1107.09

Barricades and Warning Signs


Specification 1107.12

Responsibility for Damage Claims


Specification 1108.03

Limitations of Operations


Specification 2518

Safety Closure


Specification 2523

Highway Lighting


Specification 2524

Highway Signing


Specification 2527

Pavement Marking


Specification 2550

Night Work Lighting


Specification 2528

Traffic Control


Specification 4183

Traffic Paints


Specification 4184

Reflectorizing Spheres for Traffic Paint


Specification 4185

Highway Lighting Materials


Specification 4186

Signing Materials


Specification 4188

Traffic Control Devices





Standard for Work Zone Traffic Control, Part 6 of the MUTCD





Construction Manual


Chapter 1.32

Detour Road and Embargo Map Information


Chapter 2.11

Preconstruction Conference


Chapter 5.21

Traffic Control Specification References


Chapter 5.22

Traffic Control Evaluation and Changes


Chapter 5.23

Construction Zone Crash Reporting


Chapter 5.24

Stop Signs on Construction Projects


Chapter 5.25

“Road Work Ahead” and “End Road Work” Signs


Chapter 5.26

No Passing Zones on Construction Projects


Chapter 5.27

Contractor Access and Equipment and Material Storage


Chapter 5.28

Construction Work Zone Signing During Winter Shutdown


Chapter 5.29

Flaggers and Pilot Cars


Chapter 5.30

Multilane Highway Traffic Control Issues


Chapter 5.31

Changeable Message Sign Guidelines


Chapter 5.32

Arrow Displays


Chapter 5.33

Temporary Barrier Rail Tie-Downs


Chapter 5.34

Sign Mounting Types


Chapter 5.35

Removal of Temporary Pavement Markings


Chapter 5.36

NCHRP 350 Crashworthy Work Zone Devices


Chapter 5.37

Installation of Traffic Control Zones


Chapter 5.38

Signalized vs. Flagger Controlled Haul Road Crossings


Chapter 5.40

Traffic Quality Control


Chapter 5.41

Road Closed vs. Road Closed to Thru Traffic


Chapter 5.42

Temporary Work Zone Speed Limits


Chapter 5.43

Flagger and Worker Safety Apparel (ANSI 107)


Chapter 5.44

Monitoring of Transportation Management Plans for Significant Projects


Chapter 5.45

Extra Enforcement Guidelines for Construction Projects


Appendix 5-1

Report of Investigation-Vehicle Accident


Appendix 5-2

Work Zone Incident Report


Appendix 5-3

Temporary Stop Sign Placement During Construction


Appendix 5-4

Sample Contractor Letter Documenting NCHRP 350 Compliance


Appendix 5-5

Sample Format for Reporting Severe Personal Injury and Fatal Accidents


Appendix 5-6

Project Flaggers Spreadsheet


Appendix 5-7

Flow Chart for Signalized vs. Flagger Controlled Haul Crossings


Appendix 5-8

Traffic Control Information Sources


Appendix 5-9

Traffic Control Problem/Solution Guidelines


Appendix 5-10

Traffic Control Evaluation Report (Form 830437)


Appendix 5-11

Daily Traffic Control Diary





Standard Road Plans


Section SI



Section TC



Section PM






Road Design Details


108 Series

Plan Tabulations


250 Series

Plan Notes


540 Series

Design Detail Sheets for Traffic Barriers and Appurtenances


8200 Series

Design Typicals for Guardrail and Barrier Installations





Instructional Memorandums


I.M. 204

Supplemental Guide, Basis of Acceptance


I.M. 462

Timber and Lumber


I.M. 483.03

Traffic Paints for Construction Projects


I.M. 483.06

Preformed Pavement Marking Tapes


I.M. 483.07

Raised Pavement Markers


I.M. 486.03

Reflective Sheeting for Signing


I.M. 486.07

Prismatic Reflectors


I.M. 486.08

Guardrail Markers


I.M. 486.12

Solar Assisted Arrow Panels


I.M. 488.02

Reboundable Non-Metallic Drum Like Channelizing Devices


I.M. 488.03

Orange Mesh Safety Fence





Project Inspectors Construction Work Zone Devices Specification Guide





Quality Guidelines for Temporary Traffic Control Devices and Features





Flaggers Handbook





Extra Enforcement Policy Paper 2010