DOT Photo Contest

2022-2023 Iowa DOT Photo Contest Winners 

2022-2023 Iowa DOT Photo Contest

2023-2024 Transportation in Iowa Photo Contest

All entries must be submitted by Feb. 4, 2024. You may submit a maximum of 20 pictures with a connection to Iowa transportation. Only digital photos will be accepted and should be at the highest resolution possible. If you submit photos focusing on aviation or transit, we’ll forward those to our Aviation and Public Transit groups which have their own photo contests.

Your safety is important. Any photos that appear to be taken while driving will not be accepted. Photos from dash cams will be accepted as long as that is noted on the form. No photos taken on railroad property will be accepted.


Each winner will receive a certificate of recognition. The winners will also be recognized through statewide announcements and on the Iowa DOT’s website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Submission Categories

  • Agriculture
  • Bridges
  • Car shows
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Fun & altered
  • Highway
  • Roadway Maintenance
  • Iowa Byways
  • Kids
  • Military
  • Public Transit
  • Railroad
  • Sports
  • State parks
  • Traffic
  • Trails
  • Trucking
  • Vintage
  • Waterways
  • Weather
  • Workshop
Digital images and application form can be emailed to:


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